Ozwa Yasuo, the founder and designer born in Tokyo.

Since boyhood he was fascinated by the timbre of real music instruments and started self-designing audio products to (realize) understand high fidelity sound reproduction. In 1982 he joined Fidelity Research (FR) and started its career as a phono cartridge designer. He participated to design MC phono cartridges of MCX-3, MCX-5 and other products during his work at FR. He then became independent in 1986 to establish Shelter, thereafter he has been designing and developing the MC phono cartridge throughout his life.

Shelter is a small specialized phono cartridge manufacturer, but through nearly 30 years of company history there are many splendid encounters with wonderful customers, and now the product is not only sold in Japan, but is also exported to many oversea countries.

During that period we received many authoritative awards such as Technology of the Year Award in Japan, The Image hi-fi Award in Germany, Golden Year Award in USA and many others. We appreciate it is in debt to those analog lovers who support Shelter’s sound design work.
Shelter 201 MM
201 Shelter 201 MM
The Model 201 is MM (moving magnet) cartridge. Designed for affordability, the weight and output are matched for a wide selection of tone arms and tables. Unlike many MM cartridges, there is no “peak” so it is a pleasing and robust performer.
Shelter 301 MC
301 Shelter 301 MC
The 301 II has an aluminum cantilever and conical stylus tip. The stylus tip is a moderate size of 0.65 mil. It is a great choice for traditional analog reproductions as well as with legacy albums of your favorite performers.
Shelter 501 MC
501 Shelter 501 MC
The Model 501 III is latest development of 501 series. Through continued refinement the 501 III is equally responsive with the most recent recordings or any of your most cherished albums. The 501 III has the combination of aluminum clad boron cantilever and elliptical diamond stylus tip. The expressiveness, power and energy fare superbly balanced to highest level.
Shelter 901 MC
901 Shelter 901 MC
The 901III uses the same aluminum clad boron cantilever and elliptical diamond stylus tip as the Models 7000 & 9000. The qualities of low noise and superb reproduction are evident in this remarkable cartridge. The 901II is a great cartridge for detailed classical music as well as a perfect match for live recordings.
Shelter 5000 MC
5000 Shelter 5000 MC
The Model 5000 uses a different bobbin and wire than the 9000 and 7000. The front yoke and body shell use a slightly less sophisticated design but the sound quality is outstanding. This cartridge is perfectly balanced and develops a natural, smooth and pleasing experience.
Shelter 7000 MC
7000 Shelter 7000 MC
The Model 7000 output voltage of 0.55mV is slightly lower than the Model 9000 but it is fully capable of reproducing all of the subtlety and nuance of your favorite recordings. Incredibly detailed and ultra smooth, the 7000 is capable of recreating the emotion and excitement of the most demanding recordings.
Shelter 9000 MC
9000 Shelter 9000 MC
The Model 9000 is our finest cartridge to date. It provides high output voltage of 0.65mV with superior bandwidth and is perfectly balanced across the frequency spectrum. We have achieved a level of performance that is incredibly quiet while reproducing extraordinary levels of musical information. Although the science is state of the art, the 9000 is sonically solid, full and classic and is perfect with all musical tastes.
Shelter Accord
accord Shelter Accord MC
The Accord MC phono cartridge is a magnificent composite of intricately layered, ultra-dense, dry-carbon fiber and titanium. The dry-carbon fiber has a remarkable 60 ton compression ratio of hardness and is precision CNC machined. This forms the mounting base plate and attached to it is a CNC machined titanium housing creating a unique marriage of materials.

The exceptionally hard aluminum alloy cantilever is the same one used in the acclaimed Harmony cartridge from Shelter. The ACCORD’s exquisite character is accomplished by precisely integrating the stylus into the tip of the cantilever. This combination of carbon fiber and titanium materials, the incorporated an elliptical needle (0.3 x 0.7 mil) and precisely wound coil assembly is a testimony to this masterpiece of a cartridge. The body is light, strong, and incredibly rigid and possesses outstanding internal damping qualities that make it an ideal mounting platform for the cartridge’s motor mechanism. The result is a phono cartridge of remarkable character, warmth, quietness, and sonic integrity for it’s cost and performance.
Shelter Harmony MC
harmony Shelter Harmony MC
Shelter’s flagship model, the Harmony, employs dry carbon fiber (CFRP) for the body shell. CFRP delivers a superb acoustic characteristic and is an ideal match with the newly designed motor assembly. This combination is capable of delivering a great musical reproduction even on records with less than optimal recordings.

Dry carbon, unlike wet carbon, is designed in layers and unique molding. Harmony, utilizing the CFRP, has a compression rating of 60-tons whereas the conventional process is only 24-tons. The benefit is that the resonant frequency of CFRP is outside of any audible frequency. In addition, it provides a high degree of internal damping along with superb isolation characteristics that protects the body from extraneous vibration and noise. Each of these design features ensure that the Harmony produces no coloration, and is whisper quiet and is extraordinarily sensitive to even the most demanding and subtle musical passages.

The motor assembly is an all-new design using hard aluminum cantilever and OFC wiring. Hard aluminum allows us to firmly affix the diamond stylus tip to a rigid, yet responsive bass. This allows the stylus to receive and reproduce every bit of information within the grooves of your favorite recordings. The length of the cantilever is slightly shorter than typical to increase the strength to output voltage ratio. Normal aluminum cantilevers often develop a tendency to make the playback sound slightly bigger, but the stylus chip is designed to line-contact with its curvature radius to 1.6 x 0.3mil (0.04 x 0.007mm) to achieve the best balance and increased tracking capability at the same time.
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