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Graham Engineering
Bob Graham

The original Phantom Model B-44, recepient of the "Editor's Choice" Award from Harry Pearson (October 2006 issue of TAS),

a Class "A" rating in 2005 from Michael Fremer, and runner-up for both Analog Source Component AND the 2006 Product of the Year award in Stereophile, was our first really new design following the award-winning 2.x series arms.

The Phantom significantly advanced tonearm performance significantly from the then-current state of the art..

Three years later, we offered the improved Phantom II. The acclaim and awards continued, with TAS naming it "Tonearm of the Year (2009). Harry Pearson placed it twice as his Editor's Choice (2009 and 2011), and Michael Fremer again assigning the improved Phantom II in the "Class A" ratings.

And now, with the introduction of the Phantom II SUPREME, our newest and most advanced design ever, we believe you will agree that this really is the most practical and finest tonearm you can buy today....

Graham Phantom Graham Engineering Phantom II tonearm
Phantom II SUPREME - our newest and best effort to date - has exceeded our highest expectations, surpassing even the highly-rated Phantom II.. And when compared to other tonearms on the market, tests and preliminary user comments have confirmed that the Phantom II SUPREME is in another, altogether higher level of performance.
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