Audio if viewed from the perspective of being the mechanical extension of musical records could also be regarded as a logical development from the sound-box type recorder of the SP era. However, it is more than simply a mechanical tool or device for the reproduction of an electrical signal. It must recreate, with high fidelity, the charge and emotional content of live music.

    Consequently, the audio amplifier plays a pivotal role in expressing sound.

    However good the speakers are, we would never be able to extract the glorious, wonderful sounds captured for posterity by studio recorders, if the amplifier were imperfect a fact that has been proven over and over again. In this regard, the amplifier could rightfully be viewed as the heart of the audio system.

    From early on, I came to realize the importance of this and decided to dedicate myself to a higher goal of becoming an expert in amplifier design.

    I decided to major in electrical and electronic engineering at university to fulfill my desire of fully comprehending even the finest nuance of audio amplifier operations.

    To date, I have devoted more than 15 years of time and effort to researching this.

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