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Music is emotion

About us

A star is born in a small audio laboratory in Vianen, The Netherlands. The dream of a engineer named Reginald Paap becomes a reality in the form of a start-up registered under the name Dynamic Solutions. This name has been the energizing force behind an amazing entrepreneurial evolution.

The first Master systems were designed in of the early 90's the high profile market which proved to be vital for the new-born company and its products. In 1992, our products were exhibited at a regional trade event for the first time. Back then, the rapidly growing consumer market had the small company manufacturing loudspeaker systems designed primarily for home listening.

Since its beginning, Dynamic Solutions has always had an international projection. Tradeshows played a key role in acquiring foreign distribution. In a short period of time, ground was gained in the Benelux market.

Master, through extremely carefully considered material choices, coupled with strict adherence to mechanical, electrical, and acoustic engineering principles, create products designed to maintain the absolute integrity of the original music signal.

While this approach unfortunately exposes the deficiencies of poor recordings, it also allows for far greater appreciation of fine recordings, fully capturing the nuance and raw emotion of the original musical event, no matter how simple or demanding. Since their designs are inherently tonally neutral, associated equipment choices can be made without the need for additional tonal compensation.

Master has been manufacturing since 1992 in Vianen, The Netherlands and turns out products that are second to none. Their loudspeakers are "no compromise" in every sense of the words. Custom finishes are available to suit your taste and there is a wide model range optimized for various room sizes and listening environments.

Dynamic Solutions, Westkanaaldijk 18, 3606AL Maarssen, tel +31-621593460