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SERBLIN & SON (Frankie)

Frankie integrated amplifier and optional streamer is the result of an experience that began well over 30 years ago
A product entirely designed, engineered and developed in-house with proprietary circuitry.
It incorporates exclusive technical solutions such as analog volume control entrusted to a network of fixed resistors switched by relays with a scale of 127 steps, a solution that offers superior audio quality to both analog and digital potentiometers, guarantees perfect tracking between channels on throughout the whole attenuation scale and the consistency of performance over time.

We believe in imagination, commitment, authentic passion for what we do. In the idea that, in an inflated world of objects, building a new product has no other meaning than to convey the energy of a creative act which, after all, says something about us, our history, our way of seeing things, therefore giving a meaning to what, in itself, has none.

This really matters, while all the rest are more or less welcomed consequences.

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Sowell Hifi, Gorinchem
TuneInn, Alkmaar
Audiofile, 's Gravenmoer
Ferry Kremers Audio Consultancy, Kiel
Puur Audio Video & Domotica, Oostzaan
Audio TV Centrum, Eindhoven

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EAT E-Flat turntable

New !!!

E.A.T.'s E-Flat is a new, forward-thinking turntable supplied with a revolutionary flat tonearm.

Although flat arms have been seen in the past, none have been able to offer the rigidity necessary to deliver the stable performance expected of modern tonearms. Thanks to the continued evolution of carbon fibre, Forte has been able to create an arm with the practical and aesthetic benefits of a flat form, but without the weaknesses

E-Flat's mission is to bring to the music lover the highest quality performance, but in a user-friendly design. Ultra-flat, ultra-light and ultra-rigid, the E-Flat tonearm measures 10in long. A unipivot bearing supports the E-Flat, it's fully (and easily) adjustable counterweight decoupled by energy- and vibration-absorbing Sorbothane. The E-Flat's unipivot system is extremely precise and accurately balanced, thanks to components endowed with especially hard metal surfaces. Unwanted motion often attributed to lesser unipivot designs is eliminated by the high mass of unipivot housing and the added security of two metal guides.

A further valuable benefit is that its carbon-fibre arm "tube" can be changed by the user to address to specific cartridge requirements, with either lighter or heavier tubes to establish different arm/cartridge resonant frequencies. Adjustable anti-skating and a damped cueing lever are also fitted.

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Rhapsody, Hilversum

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Audio Hungary Qualiton X200

Expect March 2021

We are excited to announce that the latest member of our Qualiton Classic Series, the Qualiton X200 Integrated Stereo Power Amplifier is finally here and ready to production. The Qualiton X200 is designed to serve analog enthusiasts who need a combination of a high-performance vacuum tube power amplifier and a versatile preamplifier, along with sophisticated technical details, built into a single chassis.

The balanced power amp is based on KT120 (optionally KT150) beam tetrodes and our latest, fully symmetrical output transformer design. Due to the symmetrical circuitry, we were able to further reduce the output noise of the output stage. In addition, our new BIAS section on the front panel makes it really easy to check and fine-tune the bias levels of the output tubes. That's all for now, please don't forget to share your opinion with us. Stay tuned, we'll be back with more details in the next few weeks.

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EAT JO No5 cartridge

Rhapsody, Hilversum.

The Mint Green is an EAT house color and it visually pops. It challenges all favorite cartridge reference for best overall definition, imaging, and musicality. I cannot even suggest a cartridge at Jo's price that comes close in overall performance.

The layering of polyamide ceramics to create the body appears to be a sonic breakthrough with tremendous cost savings, too, which are passed along to the audiophile. The Jo was designed in-house, and the motor was provided built to EAT specifications. Also featured are an expensive top of the line nude diamond stylus shape and aluminum cantilever, which reduce LP surface noise by a significant amount and strongly enhance definition. What a deal!

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Rhapsody, Hilversum

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Audio Hungary APR 204 preamplifier

Rhapsody, Hilversum.

Qualiton APR 204 is meant to meet this demand by not wanting to seem to be more than it is.

APR 204 The launching of the vacuum tube stereo power amp Qualiton APX 200 entailed the demand for developing a thoroughly classic vacuum tube preamp. The vacuum tube preamp Qualiton APR 204 is meant to meet this demand by not wanting to seem to be more than it is: it is in fact one indispensable element of the sound chain which was developed based on clear guiding principles and is able to evoke the classics of tube electronics.

At the same time, three audio sources with line level output signals as well as one signal source with MM phono output signal level can be connected to the RCA connectors at the rear panel. With the help of the audio source selector switch at the front panel, the user can determine, out of these four audio sources, which one of the relay-switched, volume-controlled signal should reach the output RCA connectors.

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Audio Hungary APX 200 amplifier

Rhapsody, Hilversum.

Qualiton APX 200 which is able to operate low impedance speakers. As opposed to the previous model, in the case of the Qualiton APX 200 we did not insist on the monoblock design. Instead, we regarded it as more favourable if we used a more compact and economical stereo version compared to the previous design.

The power of the appliance was set as 2 x 100 W, consequently it is able to dynamically operate even more insensitive speakers. The frequency response of the power amp is fully linear in the audio-frequency range, at nominal, i.e. 100 W output power, measured with sinusoidal waveform.

The low frequency breakpoint of the frequency response is 15 Hz, the upper cutoff frequency is 100 kHz (-3 dB points). In the entire audio-frequency range, the total harmonic distortion is less than 1% and the signal-to-noise ratio of the appliance is typically higher than 101 dB. While developing this product, the listed technical parameters were attained due to carefully designed circuit arrangements, a selected set of vacuum tubes and an accurately dimensioned and a manufactured output transformer.

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NEW tube/transistor hybrid integrated amplifier

Dealer Rhapsody, Hilversum.

A high-end, high-power, configurable tube/transistor hybrid integrated amplifier tightly targeted but the Aesthetix Mimas could easily seduce the separates purist

Mimas represents the newest member of the Aesthetix Saturn Series. Its a dual-mono hybrid design. Power output is rated at 150Wpc into 8 ohms, both channels driven that nearly doubles into 4 ohms. Unlike the new generation of integrated amps that are often packed with digital connectivity DACs, Wi-Fi, streaming/server options, and the like Mimas is a straightforward linestage component.

Which is not to say that Aesthetix is ignoring that segment or vinyl for that matter (a modular DAC card and modular phono card are in the works see sidebar), but it also understands the culture and expectations of a purist enthusiast market.

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Sensibility Grounding, Worldwide

Sensibility Grounding.

The devices are designed to expand the music soundstage and allow better presentation of low level detail. These devices are made from ultra-pure fine SIGN AUDIO special litze wire and contain no active components (resistors, capacitors, or other circuits). SIGN AUDIO Sensibility Grounding provide great performance, add high material to the construction and provide state-of-the-art performance.

The improvements you can expect are:

- Better soundstage in the high and low frequency ranges
- Improved definition
- More air around the instruments and voices
- A better defined stereo image

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Audio Tweak, Worldwide

Master Base - the new, updated version of an old tweak.

Master Base is a hard, 1cm thick plate that is placed under loudspeakers, amplifiers and cd players to allow hifi equipment to 'float'. The advantage of a 'floating' system is that any possible vibrations emanating from separate hifi components are not passed on to the surrounding environment, i.e. floor, table etc. In turn unwanted colouring, caused by the vibrations that are the result of contact between hifi racks/equipment/floor, are eliminated.

The improvements you can expect are:
- A tighter control in the high and low frequency ranges
- Improved definition
- More air around the instruments and voices
- A better defined stereo image

Master Base is a honeycomb structure made up of aluminium cells.

The cells are sandwiched between a studded top and bottom epoxy and Kevlar layer. The top layer acts as a sort of membrane. The studded profile magnifies the surface and the honeycomb hinders the transmission and reflections caused by the vibrations.

The ability of the Master Base to uncouple your hifi equipment from surrounding influences allowing it to float, is greater than that of other systems. The Master Base is effective over a large frequency range (roughly 20Hz to 15 kHz).

Master Base comes in two versions; the MBase and the Mbase/1 (46,- euros). The MBase is a set of two plates that are custom-made for your loudspeakers (max. size 0,25m2 for each plate) and priced according to size The Mbase/1 is a set of 4 small plates each measuring 4 x 4 cm (for use under cd players and amplifiers). .

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Fozgo V2 meter

Analoge, USA

If you own and use a Fozgometer to set azimuth you must calibrate the unit or your results will not be accurate. I had stopped using my Fozgometer and instead was setting azimuth using a digital oscilloscope, which is 100% accurate and also gives you precise crosstalk voltages. I switched because the Fozgometer's results were not at all accurate and until just the other day I did know know there's a way to calibrate the Fozgometer.

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Mirror Image Aemulus

Review, Music Emotion

So, the best preamplifier in the world?

This mainly and largely depends on what you are looking for in terms of presentation and perception. In each of the individual parameters of the Aemulus there are absolutely alternatives that go further in the subareas. Even more transparency, more speed, tighter, bigger and so on. But as with the Master speakers, the strength of this design lies particularly in bringing together all the musically significant parameters, in a truly harmonious manner. One can not exist without the other and additionally it is also realized in cooperation with virtually every good power amplifier ever made!

All I can say now is that it is truly useful to experience this level at your dealer or manufacturer and distributor Dynamic Solutions. In this case, hearing is believing and I'm sure that you'll think back to this story when you are there in a listening chair, enjoying enormously.

for more information you can call of mail us.

Music Emotion

Mirror Image Wizard

News, Mirror Image

Mirror Image will soon introduce an digital music player let you hear a perfect replica of high resolution studio masters with incredible detail and breathtaking realism. Unlike other digital music players, our sole purpose is to play your music with the greatest possible fidelity without the burden of deep computer knowledge.

The new Mirror Image streamer get ultra-high resolution by connecting internet. Connect an external USB drive containing your music library, stream your favorite internet radio stations, and enjoy lossless TIDAL and Quobus streaming.

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Living Luxuriously

Master, Stealth Three

There‘s a question that hangs around all kinds of branches of consumer electronics like a bad smell in a camper van "Yes, but what‘s the best?" It‘s a nebulous question when you think it through, because it comes without qualification.

An Aston Martin might be the best car ever made for posing round the Côte d´Azur, but it‘s almost pointless when taking the wife and kids out for a long weekend. A glass of Château Pètrus isn‘t going to make the grade when it‘s Château d‚Yquem time. So, what‘s the best? It depends!

However, when it comes to standmount loudspeakers, the Master Stealth Three makes a strong case for being the ‘best‘. You just have to think ‘best‘ in everything it touches to make it so.

First, to get the best from the best, you need the best in amplification. The Master Stealth Three is a power hog. The 89dB sensitivity and nominal impedance of eight ohms is deceptive, as is Dynamic Solutions claim that amplifiers between 50-250W fit the bill. The reality is you are going to need an amplifier at the top end of that scale as an entry point. The amp doesn‚t need to be disturbingly expensive, but it does need to deliver a lot of power well.

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